100 g Castor sugar
4 egg white
4 egg yolk
50 g butter
250 g cream cheese
50 g fresh milk
60 g cake flour
1/2 tsp vanilla

1. Measure all the ingredients and put aside. Heat up the oven.

2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white.

3. Whisk the egg white with 20 g of sugar till fluffy.

4. Cream the butter, cream cheese and remainder sugar together till creamy. Add in the egg yolk and beat till thoroughly mixed. Add in the cake flour and stir slowly.

5. Pour in the fresh milk into the cake mixture and mix well. Add in vanilla to the mixture.

6. Mix the whisked egg white slowly.

7. Pour the mixture into a prepared 20 cm greased baking tin.

8, Bake in the oven about 180 degree Celsius.

Note: To prevent the bottom of the cake from burning, put the cake tin in a larger pan filled with some water.
If the oven is too hot, lower the temperature to 150 degree Celsius after 10 minutes.
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  1. peggy Says:

    How long do I have to bake the soft and fluffy cheese cake in 180Âșc?

  2. peggy Says:
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  3. mag Says:

    You need about 40 minutes to bake it.

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