Preserved shrimps or Cincaluk is a special dish made from shrimps which are fermented for a few days.The locals called them "geragau". The shrimps are found along the shores of Malacca. Nowadays these shrimps are less commonly available as more beaches are being reclaimed.

3 1/2 cup fresh tiny shrimps
1/2 cup salt
1 cup cooked rice.

1. Clean the shrimps thoroughly. Drain them till completely dry.
2. Add salt and cooked rice to the cleaned shrimps. The rice is used to help in the fermenting process. Also, ensure that the rice is cold before being used.
3. Keep in an air tight glass bottle for a few days.
4. When it is ready to be eaten, pour some of the preserved shrimps on a plate. Mix them with shredded chillies, onions and squeezed lime juice.

Note: The preserved shrimps are also sold in bottles from supermarkets in Malaysia. It should be taken with rice.
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