Preserved shrimps or Cincaluk is a special dish made from shrimps which are fermented for a few days.The locals called them "geragau". The shrimps are found along the shores of Malacca. Nowadays these shrimps are less commonly available as more beaches are being reclaimed.

3 1/2 cup fresh tiny shrimps
1/2 cup salt
1 cup cooked rice.

1. Clean the shrimps thoroughly. Drain them till completely dry.
2. Add salt and cooked rice to the cleaned shrimps. The rice is used to help in the fermenting process. Also, ensure that the rice is cold before being used.
3. Keep in an air tight glass bottle for a few days.
4. When it is ready to be eaten, pour some of the preserved shrimps on a plate. Mix them with shredded chillies, onions and squeezed lime juice.

Note: The preserved shrimps are also sold in bottles from supermarkets in Malaysia. It should be taken with rice.

Ingredients :

Maseca Corn Flour, 4.4 lbs.Mazola Corn Oil 24oz - 4 Unit Pack
Fresh Curry Leaves - Fresh South Indian and Sri Lankan Herb - Citrus AromaPresident Imported SALTED Butter, 7oz (199g)

Morton Iodized Table Salt - 4lb. boxJCS Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder 1.35 oz (3pack)

Domino Premium Pure Cane Sugar 5Lb Bag

1 kg crabs

1/2 cup cornflour 

Oil for deep-frying

3 salted egg yolks

2 stalks curry leaves

2 tablespoons butter

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1tsp sugar

Method :

1.Clean the crabs with a brush. Remove the pincers with a scissor and trim the legs. Remove the back shell of the crab. Cut the crab  into 4 pieces.

2.Steam salted egg yolks for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the steamer and use a fork to mesh the egg yolks.

3.Mix the crab pieces in cornflour. Deep-fry in hot oil till golden in color. Remove and leave aside.

4.Melt butter in a wok, saute curry leaves until aromatic. Add salted egg yolks, keep stirring until egg yolks are incorporated into the butter sauce.

5.Add pepper, salt, sugar and then stir in the fried crabs. Stir-fry briskly to mix. Dish out and serve immediately.

Tip: The crabs are cooked when the shells turn red in colour and the flesh is opaque.

This is a spicy balanced meal. It is a local recipe for Singaporeans and Malaysians. This dish is a traditional hawker food and commonly known as Mee Rebus in Asean Countries. Translated into English the dish means simply "boiled noodles".This name is however misleading as the dish is more than boiled noodles. It has a rich spicy sauce and is served with an elaborate garnish.

A decade ago Mee Rebus was sold by hawkers who used to carry two baskets over a pole. At one of the pole in one basket will contain his traditional stove and a pot of boiling water. At the other end of the pole contained a basket with his ingredients for the Mee Rebus. After that they used pushed cart with a bicycle fixed to it when they have made enough money.

Lately, Mee Rebus is sold in local hawker centres.

Annie Chun's Pad Thai Noodles, 8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)

Dried Anchovy (Small Fish)

Dried shrimp - 3 oz

14 Oz. Premium Shallots

Madras Curry Powder - 4 oz

Lemon grass Fresh 12 Stalks

Morton Iodized Table Salt - 4lb. box

Domino Premium Pure Cane Sugar 5Lb Bag
1/2 kg  noodles

1/2 kg beansprouts

3 tbsp dried anchovy (for stock)

3 tbsp dried shrimp

10 shallots

4 tbsp curry powder

1 sweet potato (boiled and mashed to thicken gravy)

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tbsp salt

3 lemon grass (serai)


Organic Early Dell Celery 150 Seeds -Early/Sweet-Veggie

Japanese Aburage Fried Bean Curd (6 Packages)

14 Oz. Premium Shallots

Fresh Large Shrimp, 1 Pound

2 stalks Chinese celery (chopped coarsely)

4 pieces fried bean curd cake

6 shallots (sliced thinly and deep-fried till crispy)

6 fresh prawns (boil for a few minute)

2 green chillies (sliced thinly)

2 hard boiled eggs (sliced)

Preparing the gravy:

1. Grind and boil dried anchovy in a pot with 6 cups of water for the stock.

2. Grind dried shrimps with shallots and add this paste to the stock. Bring to a slow boil.

3. Add the crushed lemon grass into the gravy.

4. Add the curry powder and then sweet potato to thicken the gravy. Stir frequently to achieve a smooth consistency.

5. Add salt and sugar to taste

Preparing the noodles:

1. Blanch noodles and beansprouts in a pot of boiling water. Do not overcook the noodles and beansprouts or they will be soggy. Place on a dish.

2. Pour gravy over the noodles and beansprouts.

3. Garnish with fried bean curd, prawns, fried shallots, Chinese celery and sliced green chillies and also slices of hard-boiled eggs.


1. Eggs may be sliced using a piece of string, egg cutter or a sharp knife. This way the slices of eggs can be cut very thinly without breaking.
2.Prepare noodles only when the dish is about to be served.


500 g sweet potatoes
100 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp sugar
oil for frying


1. Boil sweet potatoes until soft. Drain away the water, peel and mesh the sweet potatoes.

2. Mix the sweet potatoes with flour and baking flour. Do not knead the dough. Just mix it lightly with the flour.

3. Use rolling pin to roll the dough lightly to 1/2  inch thick.. Dust some flour on the surface if necessary, then use donut cutter or round cookies cutter to cut the dough into shape.

4. Heat up a wok and fry sweet potato rings till golden brown. Dish and drain.

5. Heat up a clean wok to prepare the syrup to coat the doughnut. Cook the  sugar and water till thick. Add fried sweet potato rings and keep stirring till all potato rings are well coated with syrup and eventually crystallized.

Note: The syrup should be added the cooled doughnut only. Do not add in when it is hot.

If you do not have a doughnut mould,you can also shape the doughnut manually.