Squid is a very popular dish all over the world. It is cheap and easy to prepare. It cooks very fast too. The squid can be baked, fried, grilled or simply stir-fry with other dishes.

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300 g squid
200 g self raising flour
100 g water
1/4 tsp salt
a dash of white pepper
1/4 cucumber
oil for deep frying

1. Clean the squid.
a. Pull out the tentacles from the squid. Cut squid lengthwise down. Spread open the squid and cut into long strip.
2. Place squid in a bowl.
3. Prepare the batter for deep frying.
a. In a bowl, mix self-raising flour with water, salt and pepper. Beat till well mixed.
4. Put the prepared squid in the flour mixture.
5. Heat up oil for deep frying.
6. When the oil is hot put in the squid into the hot oil.
7. When the squid turns golden brown, remove and drain on a kitchen paper.
8. Serve with some cucumber and chilly sauce.

Note: Do not over-cooked the squid. The longer you cook, the tougher the flesh.
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