Steam boat is best eaten during cold weather. It keeps your body warm. Many types of seafood, mushrooms, meat and fishballs are used. You can just put in anything in the soup and enjoy whatever food you like. It is cooked over a pot of seasoned boiling water. Those who like it hot, can dip the cooked item in chilli sauce.



1 chicken bone
100 g mushrooms
100 g noodles
4 eggs
100 g fishballs
100 g cabbage
4 pieces beancurd
200g prawns
2tsp salt
1 tsp pepper


1. Prepare the stock: Boil chicken bone till cooked. Strain the stock and put in a pot or steam boat pot. Season with some salt and pepper.

2. Put the pot in the centre of the table.

3. Shell the prawns head and season with salt and pepper. Clean all the ingredients and put aside. Cut or slice the ingredients.

4. Once the stock boils, put in whatever things you want to eat.

Note: You can also use rice cooker to cook steam boat.
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