Ginger is used in Chinese medicine. It helps to get rid of flatulence in the body. It can improve blood circulation, lessen stomach cramp and reduce pain in joints.
Lemon is good for sore throat and phlegm.

300 g ginger

2 lemon

250 ml honey

150 ml oligo sugar

1. Wash and dry ginger and lemon. When dry, slice ginger and lemon thinly.
2. Divide the ginger and lemon into 3 portions.
3. Arrange them neatly in a glass bottle. Pour some honey and sugar after each portion.
4 .Cover the bottle with a piece of cling wrap. Put the lid on top of the bottle.
5. Keep in a cool dry place. Shake the bottle everyday so that they are well mixed.
6. After 2 weeks it is ready to be consumed. Take 2 tbsp of the enzyme to a cup of water.

Note: The enzyme can be taken everyday. You can take it in the morning and at night after food.
To get a thick enzyme, blend the fruits once it is ready to be consumed. It is more nutritious and taste better.

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