Dragon fruit contains a lot of nutrients and also is an antioxidant. It protects us from diseases.Taking this fruit enzyme frequently will delay premature aging and also gives a glowing complexion. The seductive red color dragon fruit is in fact good for anemia. It has the properties of expulsion of toxin against cancer's function, regeneration and boots metabolism , enhances body cell, improves and cleans the blood and helps to reduce bad cholesterol, as well as improves blood circulation and helps in digestion.

Melissas' Fresh Dragon Fruits, set of 3

600 g dragon fruit (Skinned and sliced)
400 g red grapes
3 pieces brown sugar/cane sugar/oligo sugar
200 ml honey


1. Rinse all the fruits and let it dry.

2. Divide the ingredients into three portions.

3. Arrange the ingredients in a glass bottle in sequence: dragon fruit, grapes, brown sugar followed by honey. Repeat the process with the other portions.

4. Cover the bottle with a piece of plastic cling wrap. Put the bottle lid on top of it.

5. Keep turning the bottle everyday so that all the ingredients are all mixed.

6. Let it stand in a cool dry place for at least 2 week.

7. To serve, mix 2 tbsp of enzyme with a cup of water.

Note:There will be bubbles in the bottle during fermentation. It is the carbon dioxide gas. Release it by flipping the plastic cling wrap slowing.

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