To do this enzyme, you need a special yeast. Ask around from those who make enzyme, maybe they have this special yeast. It is like jelly, soft and spongy.
The fermentation of this tea takes 12–14 days. After fermentation, new batches can be easily made from the existing culture. According to my friend this enzyme is very good for cough and sore throat. When I had sore throat, I took that in the morning or after my meal … hey … it works! My friend also told me that if you have diarrhoea, take 4 tablespoons of the Chinese tea enzymes 3 times a day. It helps to lessen your diarrhoea. Gradually your diarrhoea will improve. Give it a try or you will never know the result.

25 gram sample: 2000 Long Yuan Hao - Yi Wu Mountain Raw Pu-erh teaHealth Best Sugar Brown, 15-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)

3 - 4 tbsp Chinese tea (pu'er)

100 g brown sugar/ cane sugar

3 liter water

1 small piece of the special yeast


1. Boil water with Chinese tea for 20 minutes. Let it cool down.
2. Strain the Chinese tea leaves and add cane sugar in a glass bottle. Put in the special yeast.
3. Let it ferment for about 21 days.
4. Every 1 - 2 days shake the bottle so that everything is well mixed.
5. After 21 days, strain the pu'er tea enzyme and keep in the refrigerator.
6. Take about 4 tbsp of the enzyme everyday or when needed.

Note: Store the fermented yeast in the refrigerator with some of the Chinese tea enzyme. It can be used again when needed. You do not have to use the whole piece of yeast. Just cut a quarter of the yeast and add to the new tea if you are doing another Chinese tea enzyme..
During fermentation the yeast will grow bigger. If it doesn't grow it means that that yeast are dead and have to be replaced with a new one. Usually if you take care of the yeast it will not die easily.
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  1. cyn_hong Says:

    May i know where can i get the yeast? Is it sold in any shops?

  2. mag Says:

    This yeast was given to me by my friend. So far I do not know where to get this yeast. I will try to find around to see whether it is sold anywhere.

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