1 tenggeri fish (mackerel)
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tsp salt
1 pkt mihun (vermicelli)
2 cubes fish stock
3 fresh tomatoes
1 small piece ginger
1 stalk spring onions
3 leaves salted vegetables

1. Wash and cut open the fish on both sides.

2. Scrape out the flesh with a spoon.

3. Pound the fish flesh with corn starch, salt and water mixture.

4. Keep pounding the fish until it is not sticky but shiny.

5. Divide the fish paste into small oblong size. Put aside for later use.

6. Prepare the soup.  Boil 1 pot of water. Add 2 cubes fish stock

7..Slice tomatoes, ginger and salted vegetables.  Add to the soup with the fish paste and boil for 20 minutes.

8.Blanch some mihun.  Once the soup is done, put some mihun in a bowl with the soup. Sprinkle some sliced spring onions. Serve it hot.
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