Bitter gourd is a very bitter vegetable. Even though it is bitter , many people take it for its medicinal value.
It is used to treat hypertension and eye complications,. It is also said to increase the body's resistance against infection. Bitter gourd is proven effective in treating blood disorders like blood boils, itching, scabies, psoriasis, ring-worm and other fungal diseases. Bitter gourd aids digestion and can be used by those with digestive disorders and constipation.

1 bitter gourd
1 tbsp preserved soy bean
1 onion
oil for frying
1. Wash and slice the bitter gourd thinly.
2. Rub some salt into the sliced bitter gourd and let it rest for 10 minutes.
3. Squeeze out the juice from the bitter gourd. This is to reduce its bitterness.
4. Chop onions and pound preserved soy bean.
5. Heat up a wok and fry onions and preserved soy bean till fragrant.
6. Add in the bitter gourd. Put in 1/2 a cup of water. Let it simmer till soft.
7. Dish out the cooked bitter gourd.
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