Sugi or sugee which is also known as semolina comes from wheat flour and is yellow in colour. The wheat grain is coarsely ground and and it is obtained by sieving out the finer flour. It can be used as dessert, porridge, bread, pasta  pudding and cakes. A lot of people love sugi cake for its richness and buttery aroma even though it has a grainy texture which gives one a delightful taste.

250 g butter
180 g Castor sugar
100 ml fresh milk
5 big eggs
140 g self-raising flour
100 g semolina flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
1. Measure all the ingredients and put aside.
2. Cream butter with 150 g of Castor sugar till creamy. Add fresh milk and semolina flour together. Mix well and leave aside for two hours.

3. Heat up the oven about 180 degrees Celsius.
4. Separate the egg yolk and egg white. Beat the egg white with the remainder sugar till fluffy.

5. Add the egg yolk into the creamed mixture one at a time. Then mix in the self-raising flour till well-mixed. Add in vanilla essence for added aroma.
6. Fold in the whisked egg white slowly into the cake mixture.

7. Pour the cake mixture in a greased round or square tin about 20 cm in diameter.

8. Bake the cake in the hot oven about half an hour.
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