500 g sweet potatoes
100 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp sugar
oil for frying


1. Boil sweet potatoes until soft. Drain away the water, peel and mesh the sweet potatoes.

2. Mix the sweet potatoes with flour and baking flour. Do not knead the dough. Just mix it lightly with the flour.

3. Use rolling pin to roll the dough lightly to 1/2  inch thick.. Dust some flour on the surface if necessary, then use donut cutter or round cookies cutter to cut the dough into shape.

4. Heat up a wok and fry sweet potato rings till golden brown. Dish and drain.

5. Heat up a clean wok to prepare the syrup to coat the doughnut. Cook the  sugar and water till thick. Add fried sweet potato rings and keep stirring till all potato rings are well coated with syrup and eventually crystallized.

Note: The syrup should be added the cooled doughnut only. Do not add in when it is hot.

If you do not have a doughnut mould,you can also shape the doughnut manually.

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