Choose fresh clams only. It has its natural sweetness of shellfish. By adding rice wine in the dish it oozes out the rich aroma and fragrance when cooked.

1 kg lala (clams)
30 g ginger(sliced thinly)
3 cloves garlic (sliced thinly)
1 tbsp rice wine
2 tbsp oil

1. Wash lala and put aside.

2. Heat up a wok. Pour 2 tbsp oil. When hot, fry ginger and garlic till fragrant.

3. Add in the lala together with the rice wine. Stir till well mixed and cover the wok till all the lala open up.

4. Serve hot on a plate.

Note: You don't have to add salt to the lala as it is already salty by itself. Once the lala opens up, it means it is cooked.
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