I used ikan cencaru (torpedo scad) for this grilled fish. Other types of fish suitable for grilling are ikan pari(stingray), tilapia (St. Peter's fish), jenahak (threadfin) and many others.


Sicilia Lime Juice - 7 oz  Bhut Jolokia Chile Pepper 10 SeedsMORTON TABLE SALTJCS Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder 1.35 ozKey Lime Tree Semi Dwarf Five Gallon1951 Craft Salad Oil Color Print Ad: For Cooking and Frying

1 fresh cencaru
2 small limes
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper powder
oil for frying

Sambal ingredients:
Chipotle Dried Whole chile Peppers - 2 oz.Hot Anaheim Chili Pepper -60 Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK!Pantainorasingh brand Thai Shrimp Paste - 13 ozOrganic Ed's Red Shallot 150 Seeds

Garlic Peeled Fresh 10 Oz

5 fresh chillies
3 dried chillies
3 shallots
3 garlic
1 teasp shrimp paste (belacan)

1. Clean the fish and rub with salt and pepper powder.
2. Grill over a fire till both sides are cooked.
3. Prepare the sambal by grinding all the ingredients.
4. Heat up a wok with 2 tbsp of oil.
5. Fry the sambal till fragrant.
6. Dish out and put the sambal on top of the fish.
7. Serve with cut limes or can use lime juice.

Note: You can grill over a charcoal, electric grille or over a gas stove. Make sure the fire is small or the fish will get burn.

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